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Hello everyone, I'm Misya, or Flavia Imperatore, I'm 34, married to Ivano and Elisa's mother, I'm Neapolitan, a lover of travel, good food and excellent company.

The 10 best recipes with speck

To enrich each dish with a savory and slightly smoky note, you can use a special salami as we propose in our 10 best recipes with speck.

Speck, a PGI branded product from the South Tyrolean area, can be successfully used in many pasta-based first courses, adding it to the dressing or filling to give flavor to neutral-tasting ingredients.

With a little imagination, you can experiment with many delicious combinations, for example with vegetables such as zucchini and artichokes or even with cheese such as mozzarella and ricotta, to create tasty first courses and easy and quick second courses.

Versatile recipes with speck

Speck is very popular in the kitchen. Due to its characteristics, it can be eaten cold, as a filling for sandwiches, wraps, tigelle, in combination with stringy cheeses, or it is prepared in recipes that allow us to bring to the table original, tasty dishes with a certain consistency.

If there is an Italian ingredient that can be used throughout the menu, it is speck. If we browse the recipe books of the Bel Paese we find abundant selections of first courses with speck, sauce with speck (with which various types of fresh and dry pasta are seasoned), main courses with speck, antipasti with speck

The list is very long and, below, we offer a small selection but no less rich in ideas and ideas.

Cooking recipes

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Pizza preparation with courgettes, speck and smoked provola, easy to make at home with 1 g of yeast

We prepare the pizza dough in advance, at least 12 hours. We put in a bowl the water with the yeast, we dissolve, and little by little we add the flour, little by little we mix with a spoon to amalgamate it all.

Finally add the salt, a tablespoon of oil and mix again. Let's take a break, even for just 5-10 minutes, and make a round of folds, even simply mixing with a spoon. We do the same operation 3 times in total. Then we start to rise.

We can let it rise at room temperature for 12-24 hours if it is cool, if it is warmer, the dough will rise first, for this reason, to make it mature well, we can decide to keep it in the fridge, but only after the leavening has started. . We remember if we put it in the fridge to let it acclimate the dough before preparing the pizza, at least 6 hours before.

When the dough has risen, we spread it on a floured surface and make a series of reinforcing folds. Then we form a nice dough. And let it rise on the floured surface, covered with a damp cloth.

When the dough has risen again, we stretch it, and spread it out to cover the pan, greased with olive oil.

Pour a drizzle of olive oil over the spread pizza, season with mozzarella, slice the courgette thin with the mandolin and spread it over the pizza, without overlapping it. Then we add the speck into broken slices, and finally garnish with slices of smoked provola.

We bake in a ventilated hot oven at 250 ° C for about 15 minutes, until the edges are golden and crisp.

If we increase the doses of flour, even to 1 kg, it is not necessary to increase the dose of yeast, but only the other ingredients increase. The water to use for each kg of flour 0 is about 750 ml, 75% of the flour.

We can slightly increase the amount of yeast, 2-3 g for faster leavening, in about 8 hours, if we want to make leavening even faster than about 4-5 hours, we can use 5 g of yeast, but in that case I recommend to break the 0 flour with a weaker 00 flour, which needs less time to rise and mature well. We will thus have light and digestible pizza in any case, even if we use a little more yeast.

We bake our pizza in a pan with only 1 g of long leavening yeast and taste it, soft and at the same time fragrant, with a base for cotta, and crunchy edges, delicious pizza with courgette speck and smoked provola.

If you want you can use mother yeast instead of brewer's yeast, 50 g is enough.

Also try my Neapolitan pizza dough with 1 g of yeast. The quick pizza in a pan is also very good, also excellent with speck.

If you want to receive my recipes, follow me also on social networks, on the FACEBOOK page, Pinterest Telegram and Instagram, I remind you that you can leave a comment, here or even on social networks, and if you try one of my recipes, send me your shot too, you can also find me on YouTube: Ornella Scofano Recipes what a Passion. Back to HOME.

Clean the asparagus, removing the woody part, and blanch them for about 10 minutes.

Cut it out speck into strips and put it aside, clean it shallot and chop it finely and then brown it in a pan with extra virgin olive oil for a few minutes.

Cut the asparagus into rounds, putting the tips aside, and pour them into the pan with the shallot, browning for another 5-8 minutes.

Add the speck and the asparagus tips, season with salt, then leave on the fire for another 3-5 minutes and turn off.

Cook the pasta and add it to the asparagus and speck sauce, sautéing it for a few minutes.

Serve with a cascade of black pepper, if you like, or some grated cheese. Enjoy your meal!

The curiosity

The speck Alto Adige PGI it has a spicy crust which contributes to its particular aroma. The composition of spices that, together with the salt, are carefully sprinkled on the pork legs varies from producer to producer, ranging from laurel to rosemary, juniper, pepper, but also red garlic, cumin, coriander. Before being smoked (little wood smoke especially beech, never above 20 ° C), the various pieces are turned several times in this mixture.

This is followed by the curing phase in ventilated places with the fundamental element, the air of the South Tyrolean mountains, on average around 22 weeks.

Thermomix risotto with speck and leeks

Good morning. How was your weekend? Mine splendidly, we spent it in Milan and we also worked on the new graphics.

It will take some time to get it online, but it will be worth it.

This risotto I prepared last week as a dinner for my mother's birthday, with speck that my parents had brought from Trentino, delicious and what a taste.

I open a little parenthesis on the preparation, I prepare it by setting the anti-clockwise and the mixing speed, the result is perfect, but there is another current of thought that inserts the butterfly. How do you prepare risottos, with or without a butterfly?

Recipe updated on: January 30, 2019

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  • Risotto with speck and thermomix leeks 3


The recipe is very easy, but good: cut all the ingredients into thin slices, heat the cast iron plate well and start grilling the onion rings, grease the bread for the croutons with extra virgin olive oil, in order to make it crunchy, also pass the bread on the grill, with the pieces of fontina in the center, when the fontina has melted pretty well and the bread is crunchy, complete the croutons with speck and onion rings and immediately serve the bruschetta with speck and fontina.

how to cook quick and easy snacks for an aperitif in a few minutes

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