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Godina cake

Godina cake

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No, I could not stand aside from this challenge;) As you know, I am more friendly with salt;) So I designed a very fine tart ad-hoc;) I hope Mr. Godina likes it;) brain, some minced meat and seasonal greens;) A treat for the breakfast package, enjoyed while driving while on duty;)

  • Eggs 3 pieces
  • Milk 100 ml,
  • White wheat flour 3 tbsp,
  • Minced meat 300 g,
  • Pork brain 200 g,
  • bellows cheese approx. 100 g,
  • Iodized salt 1 tbsp,
  • Freshly ground pepper,
  • Green onion 3 strands,
  • Green garlic 3 strands,
  • Red kapia pepper 1 piece.
  • For decoration:
  • Cherry tomatoes 1 bunch

Servings: 8

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes


From eggs, flour and milk, prepare a béchamel sauce that is seasoned with salt and pepper.

In this sauce add the onion, garlic and finely chopped kapia pepper, then the pork brain, minced meat, chopped bellows cheese, stirring gently until all the ingredients are incorporated.

The obtained mixture is poured into a heat-resistant tray and placed in the preheated oven for approx. 25 minutes at 200 degrees. Good luck and good luck!

Traffic LESSON from Marian Godină. Roundabout priority

& quot; I received dozens of messages with this photo, so I answer here, especially since it is one of the situations often & acircclnite & acircclnite to & quotTamponări & quot and not infrequently, the culprit is considered innocent and the innocent is considered guilty.

The one who changes the direction of travel must make sure. As you can clearly see in the picture, the orange car is the one that changes direction, in order to leave the roundabout being forced to pass from lane 2 to lane 1.

The direction of travel in a roundabout is a circle, so every time you exit the roundabout, you leave the circle, that is, you change direction and you have to make sure.

In the event of a collision, if an amicable finding form is not completed, the driver of the orange car will be sanctioned according to article 54 par. 1 of GEO 195 / 02R, with a fine from 4 to 5 fine points and with 3 penalty points.

However, I personally would not act like the driver of the green car, although the maneuver is legal. It's about us. I wouldn't even buy a green car & quot.

Policeman Marian Godina, about Laura Codruța Kovesi's victory against CCR: "I would still be satisfied if I saw the evaluator's face a little while ago." of the street, but it was not to be. We sat and looked. Now we & # 8230 ”

Police officer Marian Godina reacted after Laura Codruța Kovesi won at the ECHR, proving that she was abusively fired from DNA by CCR.

Marian Godina: "Laura Codruța Kovesi's win at the ECHR makes me happy, but it also saddens me. I have a feeling that, doing nothing, we kind of made fun of her.

I expected at that time, when Mr. Tudorel was evaluating it, that some of the biggest street protests would take place, but it was not to be. We sat and looked.

Now we can only rejoice for her and, with a great deal of hypocrisy, say that we are proud that she is Romanian.

However, I would be satisfied if I could see the evaluator's face a little now ".

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled in favor of Laura Codruța Kovesi in the lawsuit filed after she was removed from office on July 9, 2018, by decree of President Klaus Iohannis following a decision of the Constitutional Court, announces G4Media.

VIDEO Godină's reaction after the circus made by Șoșoacă to "Marius Nasta": "Any pig can growl"

Marian Godină reacted to the last outings of Senator Diana Şoşoacă, after she went without a mask in the middle of the miners and told them that the pandemic had passed, and then she protested in front of the Marius Nasta Institute. "Any pig can growl," Godina said.

The Brasov policeman expressed his surprise at the fact that Diana Şoşoacă has a lot of followers. Marian Godină criticized the senator's style, accustomed to scandals and controversial gestures.

& bdquoOn a news story about a person who is present wherever there is a point to make a scandal, who screams and threatens criminal charges against anyone, asks to be reported to managers, owners of security companies and any other superiors, because she, & icircn quality As a senator, a quality he does not hesitate to decline by shouting, he is not in talks with any "deadly man", but only with high-ranking people, you expect him not to read comments that are favorable to him. But it is not so, for the louder it shouts, the louder it is, in the minds of some, not a few, the more courage to say things in the name of & quot, & quot; the only one who fights & quot, & quote a true patriot & quot, & c. I would also ask those who speak with such admiration about this person: Is any of you so limited that he could not shout, resign, threaten, circus from anything, argue with anyone? guards etc?

The only thing you need to be able to do is not courage, but a lack of sense of ridicule. The only thing you need to be able to do is not courage, but a lack of sense of ridicule. It is harder to come up with solutions, maybe any pig can growl & rdquo, Godină wrote on Facebook.

The circus made by Diana Șoșoacă & icircn the courtyard of the Institute & rdquoMarius Nasta & rdquo:

Policeman Godină, SANCTED after attacking the gendarme Răducu Șerban! What a union leader says about his attitude

In an interview given to, Coarnă claims that, although Godină considers himself a free man who writes exactly what he has in mind and assumes this, Godină often gives it politics, which is not very normal.

& quotCategorically, Mr. Godină's attitude is not normal & # 8230 p & acircnă you do not have some elements to rely on when you make a statement. Of course, you have the impression that it is rather a dictation, a theme & # 8230 rather than a personal opinion & quot, said Dumitru Coarnă.

When asked if it is normal, legal for Marian Godină's posts to go to the political area, referring to the fact that the policeman also published a photo in which the gendarme Răducu Șerban appears next to Liviu Dragnea, Dumitru Coarnă declares: & quotWe are not allowed to do politics. The law prohibits political activities. "Sure, we can talk here," said the president of the National Union of Police and Contract Personnel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (SNPPC).

At the same time, the Qur'an also says that, unlike other agents, who do not express themselves as percussively as Godina, he has a status. It was also the Prime Minister Dacian Cioloș who launched a book. He has a status, doesn't he? You & # 8230 or who made him a star? & Quot, said r & acircz & acircnd Dumitru Coarnă.

Video: Κέικ Βανίλια Σοκολάτα. Άκης Πετρετζίκης (May 2022).


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