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Pork broth with mayonnaise and horseradish

Pork broth with mayonnaise and horseradish

The pieces of tongue are washed very well, they are boiled in cold water with a little salt, we add the vegetables and let them boil well. I boiled the tongue in a pressure cooker.

When the tongue pieces are cooked, leave them to cool a little, then clean them of the white skin, starting from the tip of the tongue, and cut them into thin slices or according to your preference. Put the pieces in a bowl, add mayonnaise, horseradish, salt and pepper to taste and lamiae juice. It is a very tasty appetizer. It can be served with beetroot salad.

This is useful tongue pork

This delicate diet is extremely useful for children, pregnant women, the elderly. It can also be included in the diet to stay on a diet to lose weight, people after complicated surgery, patients with anemia.

The tongue contains almost all vitamins (B, PP, E) and a multitude of minerals. The high content of lecithin in meat stimulates the growth of nerve cells and blood, liver tissue, and improves the healing of wounds and inflammation.

How to cook pork tongue with raisins in white sauce, watch the video tutorial:

Recipes using pork tongue a lot. If you have interesting cooking ideas with this useful product, share them in the comments.

How to make Tongue with olives and tomato sauce classic recipe?

How to scald (boil) and how to clean the tongue?

In all 3 recipes above you can use both pork and beef tongues. The beef tongue is much larger and easier to clean. I talked about scalding and cleaning the tongue extensively here.

In short: I boiled the tongue in cold water with salt and peppercorns, along with the cleaned vegetables, just like a clear beef soup. I boil the tongue in kukta (pressure cooker) and I take care to adjust the cooking time according to the type of tongue (pork or beef) and the final preparation. If the tongue will be cooked even after cleaning, then boil it only 80% in a pressure cooker (30 minutes for pork tongues and 50 minutes for beef tongues). If it goes directly into salads or other cold dishes, then boil it completely (40 minutes for pork and 60 minutes for beef). The minutes are calculated from the moment the pressure cooker enters the boiling mode & # 8211, ie it starts to bandage.

For the recipe for the tongue with olives and tomato sauce, I needed only 80% boiled tongue (so that it wouldn't disintegrate in the pan with the sauce). The boiled tongue is easily cleaned of membranes as long as it is hot. Finally, I cut the tongue into slices and prepared the rest of the ingredients needed for the recipe.

Some recommendations

Tongue with tartar sauce is one of the new recipes that have become a favorite.

If you are curious what other recipes on the subject I have made, you can see here the tasty cooked brine in white sauce with tarragon, mother-in-law's recipe, but also the recipe in sour cream sauce

Or salad - 1925 recipe. I cooked a version according to the Dukan diet. I have to try the original recipe in the future.

I have already prepared the tartar sauce This way, with video with everything, very good sauce comes out and very versatile.

Chicken broth

I have been having the courage for some time to prepare this recipe that reminds me of my childhood years, when I went to visit my grandfather from my father who lived in the country, in a village at the foot of a more eastern hill.

Memories, memories & # 8230. ! At that time the buses were few and the trips were rare, 2-3 times a week, the early morning was the departure and return, in the afternoon. When I was walking (& # 8220aventura & # 8221 it started as daylight began), over the hill (hard road for us children, about 10 km, not for my father who had done it many times, especially when he was a teenager), the road passed through a dense forest where the rustle of the trees and the trill of the birds delighted us, and the fresh smell of the forest intoxicated our nostrils. At the top of the hill, before descending to the village where his grandfather lived, there was an observatory (a construction made of thick wooden beams, about 25-30 meters high, with solid wooden stairs, provided with & # 8220odihna & # 8221 every 5-6 m when climbing). Only about 2 times we dared to climb to the top of the observatory, from where an unimaginable view opened before our eyes. From there, from the top of the observatory, I watched in the clear summer morning, over the tops of the trees, until the depression in which the city where I lived was located. And now, after more than 60 years, I remember with a thrill of great emotion, the first descent, on the slightly sloping stairs of the observatory.

Surprise at the end of the road & # 8230. ! After about 4-5 hours of walking through the forest, on the road for which with oxen, but also in the open field, on paths, among wheat fields or through orchards of fruit trees, tired to exhaustion, I fell wide and about 2-3 hours of sleep were welcome. Only well, until noon, when, under the walnut tree in the meadow in front of the aunt's house (on the part of the father, who lived in the same village with his grandfather), there was a table made of wooden logs covered with wide and thick furs. wood, fixed by logs with plugs. For sitting at the table, there were thick wooden logs and benches also made of wooden logs and a thicker fur. In the middle of the table covered with a white cloth, sits a huge bowl of burnt pottery, full of vegetables and a towering hen, whole (cut that morning, from his grandfather's yard and boiled in a large pot, placed on pirostrii in the middle of the yard aunts, where the stone slab hearth for the key was arranged). The steam rising from the hen pleasantly tickled our nostrils and made us even hungrier. The juice in which the chicken was boiled was served in bowls also made of burnt pottery and we ate it with wooden spoons. In the bowl, each diner received in addition to the juice his favorite piece of meat and necessarily vegetables. The garlic sauce (plain & # 8211 crushed garlic, rubbed with coarse salt and added a mixture of plum vinegar, homemade and cold spring water) was also placed in a bowl also of burnt pottery, near the bowl big with whole chicken. On the table were green onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, from the aunt's vegetable garden. A large wooden shoe, with a large, steaming polenta, was also placed on the table.

Let's get to work ! I did not find a chicken in the market, near an old woman, as I had planned. I bought a heavy grated chicken, meat, refrigerated, about 3 kg and I tried to prepare the recipe as well as possible, remembering what was put on the table under the walnut, using the ham inherited from my mother.

Ingredients needed in the recipe: a large, whole chicken, vegetables (potatoes, carrots, parsnips, parsley, celery), garlic, onions, capsicum / bell peppers, coarse salt, peppercorns, thyme, bay leaves.

Necessary ingredients for sauces: freshly grated horseradish, sour cream, cranberries (finely chopped) / fatty yogurt, pickles (finely chopped), green dill (finely chopped) / chicken eggs, olive oil, peppercorns (freshly ground), coarse salt, freshly grated lemon / horseradish juice, cold water, food vinegar (wine, 9 degrees), sugar.

The sauces are prepared as simply as possible. Put the ingredients for a specific sauce in a bowl and mix with a teaspoon. The mayonnaise is made with the mixer, rubbing the egg yolk and gradually adding olive oil, and at the end, to taste & # 8211 salt, lemon juice, pepper.

The hen is well cleaned of flakes and inside, it is washed well with warm water, wiped with absorbent paper and it is cooked over the high flame of the stove. Clean with a clean cloth of burnt down.

Professional gourmets know why! The flavor of boiled chicken is given by poultry fat. During the roasting of the chicken, it is taken into account that the bird fat should not be wasted by melting under the big flame of the stove.

In a large saucepan / large pot, boil the whole chicken, together with the roots, cut into large / whole pieces, peppers and onions, spices plus 2-3 cloves of garlic.

Boil at first over high heat and froth the juice all the time, removing the foam formed until the juice remains clear. Avoid accumulating fat that begins to appear with the foamer. When the juice is clear, add coarse salt to the stew.

Reduce the heat so that the boiling continues quietly. Put the lid on the tuci and continue cooking for 2-3 hours, until the meat is well cooked.

Separately, boil the red potatoes in their skins.

Boiled potatoes are easy to peel while they are warm, not hot.

The boiled chicken is taken out on a plate together with the roots and the boiled potatoes.

During cooking, the fat in the bird melts and remains in the juice in which it boiled, and the chicken meat will become tender, easy to chew.

I've seen great chefs on TV shows but I don't make such culinary mistakes! I will not understand the purpose of gathering / removing / throwing fat above the liquid in which the chicken was boiled. No one says to eat with a spoon this wonderful fat that tastes and is full of mysterious smells. The family doctor recommends to the mother when we were children, to give us bird fat on toast, rubbed with garlic and put coarse salt, in the cold winter days so as not to catch a cold. I didn't catch a cold when I was a child, no matter how wet we were. And now, at an advanced age, I rarely use a handkerchief or equip myself with a thick sweater, scarf and gloves.

The broth is served hot, with vegetables, with a little juice in which he boiled the chicken and his favorite sauce. If you find it to be boiled chicken, fairy, you can immediately refresh with a few drops of olive oil and lemon juice.

Peas can be served with pickles or plain & # 8211 freshly grated horseradish, a few crystals of sugar and mixed with a little vinegar and water.

A cup of boiled brandy works great.

No hot polenta spoils, soak in the wonderful sauce & # 8220baptized & # 8221 with fresh horseradish given on the small grater. Health and delight!

What can be done with excess bird juice / fat? The hen must boil in enough liquid to cover it in the bowl. The fat collected from above the liquid in which the chicken was boiled can be kept in a closed jar with a tight lid, in the refrigerator and is later used in vegetable soups / dishes, etc.

The fat collected from any bird, before boiling, can be melted and stored in jars with tight lids, in the refrigerator, as poultry lard and used in all kinds of recipes.

Excess juice, in which the chicken was boiled, plus a little fat can be put in pots with a lid in the freezer and later used for soups, cream soups and even soups & # 8211 chicken soup with homemade noodles or chicken soup with tomatoes and galuste.

In the freezer, the liquid and fat will solidify and can be stored for several months, and can be used as needed, as a poultry stock / concentrated chicken sauce, to prepare a hot, delicious & # 8211 soup / cream soup. , in just a few minutes.

What can be done with chicken that could not be eaten at a meal? Half of the chicken breast or leg may remain from the table. They can be placed separately in plastic food bags, in the freezer and then prepare another delicious dish & # 8211 quince food, celery food, eggplant food or cucumber food.

Good appetite you gourmet brothers and you gourmet brothers everywhere, wherever you are in the world! Be bold, try all kinds of recipes that you imagine or that you have seen / read and made with your own eyes! What's the point of just craving?