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Sunreef Unveils Floating Restaurant & Water Hotel Concepts in Dubai & London

Sunreef Unveils Floating Restaurant & Water Hotel Concepts in Dubai & London

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Floating restaurants and hotels are hardly a new concept, but it's a little more unusual for an esteemed luxury yacht brand to be the name behind such projects. Sunreef Yachts was approached by a couple customers to create such custom made projects in London and Dubai and considering their reputation for some of the finest luxury catamarans, the customers knew exactly what to expect.

The floating design seen above is a luxury restaurant-catamaran that will be stationed permanently in Dubai, able to ferry diners on mini cruises to Abu Dhabi. The exterior aesthetic is meant to fit in seamlessly with Islamic architecture and its streamlined shape mimics that of luxury residences. Able to accommodate 150 people on the main deck, "there is a space for spacious kitchens, technical rooms and exclusive toilets for visitors in both hulls. A wheelhouse is located on the upper deck and a bar area with a mini club is in the stern on the main deck."

Seen above is the Water Hotel catamaran in the heart of Camden Town in London. Designed much like a boutique hotel, the project has eight rooms of the same size and each has its own balcony. "On the back of the hotel there are large windows with blinds that do not let the light inside. The fore part of the catamaran is supposed to have a front terrace and the stern—the navigation room with office space and a private toilet." We're not sure why you wouldn't want light, but maybe it's a privacy issue.

Since the designs are still in the concept stage, there is no detailed news on pricing, but we'll be sure to keep an eye on Sunreef Yachts for you.

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