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ThinkEco2’s wine racks are as pretty as they are eco-friendly

Check out these super sleek and savvy gifts!

The holidays are a great time of the year, and finding the perfect gift for the food lover in your life is an amazing feeling. But if you want to give stylishly and smartly this time of year, try making sure you gift with an eco-friendly conscience. A great place to start? ThinkEco2’s Etsy shop.

Their handmade wine racks, wine/liquor gift boxes, and garden planters are perfect gifts with wine or by themselves!. Made from 100 percent recycled cedar, these natural-looking sets are completely on point with the rustic, vintage trend that every home stylist is looking for. The items are proudly made in the United States, and the company also specializes in wedding gifts and wedding décor. Check out our favorites here:

Wine Box
This eco-friendly wood was reclaimed, reprocessed, and upcycled in San Diego, Calif. Inside dimensions of each compartment are 3-1/4 inches wide and 13 inches tall and will fit most bottles of wine and wine glasses, but if wine glasses are too large, two will not fit. Price: $37.99

Cedar Planting Pots
This small-space gardening set is perfect for growing herbs in an apartment. Grow succulents, herbs, or organic gardening seeds to help your recipient start the new year out the healthy way! Price: $39.99

Small Wine Rack
These cute racks and have compartments that are each 3-1/4-by-3-1/4-inches and fit most bottles of wine. It holds six bottles, and they are stackable! Price: $27.99

Smartwatches are becoming more common accessories and this list of smartwatch gift ideas showcases some of the most innovative products you can purchase this holiday season.

Serving as the first FDA-approved health wearable, the Apple Watch Series 4 reinvents the smartwatch craze the original Apple Watch started. In terms of hardware upgrades, the Apple Watch Series 4 comes with a dual-core 64-bit S4 processor and a larger display. However, the key to the new Apple Watch lies in its new set of health features. Equipped with tracking hardware, the watch can provide valuable metrics to the user and comes with a built-in ECG.

Also included on this list is the Mi Bunny 3, a kid-focused wearable designed to help parents keep track of their children. Designed by Xiaomi, this smartwatch is capable of Wi-Gi and 4G network support, which allows the wearable to make phone calls and be tracked by another device. The Mi Bunny 3 also features educational technology as its camera can be used to scan nature and an app will teach children about various plants.

The night they’ll never forget

Personalized Night Sky Print ($45 at the time of publication)

You know the day that matters most to your recipient: Maybe it was the day they were born, the day you two married, or even just the day they submitted the 400-page dissertation that earned them a PhD. Whatever it is, a custom sky map that shows the stars exactly as they were at that location, on that date, makes a beautiful gift, for both its celestial image and the emotional message. You can also include quotes, names, dates, and locations for text that complements the composition.

43 Clever Kitchen Gifts Anyone Who Loves Cooking Will Appreciate

The key to buying a gift your family and friends will love? Shopping for things that really play to their interests. And when you're shopping for someone with a passion for cooking&mdashyou know, the one who spends 90 percent of their free time in the kitchen whipping up new recipes and iterating on their favorite dishes&mdashthere's so much to choose from.

To help you find what they'll really appreciate, check out these picks. From genius gadgets and amazing appliances to decorative accessories, these are the items every at-home chef or food lover needs this holiday season and beyond (seriously, these gifts work for everything from birthdays to housewarmings, too). And while you're at it, don't be afraid to equip your own kitchen with these essentials, either. You deserve a treat or two, too!

55 Best Gift Ideas for Women

Birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just because&mdashthese picks will certainly delight.

When shopping for a woman you love, you want to be sure you get her a gift she truly adores. Whether you are looking for your mother, friend, sister, or significant other, we have you covered from classic jewelry and accessories to home essentials and beauty tools. Consider this your checklist for all the ladies in your life as we approach Valentine's Day 2021. Bonus points if you plan for the quarantine holiday after this too!

The always-sold-out shade of lipstick that just so happens to look good on everyone.

A pretty serving board for the hostess with the most(ess).

The perfect pair of PJs for snoozing and loafing around the house.

Jewelry with a personal touch. Enough said.

This dainty bracelet is customized in your own words and handwriting so she can carry a momento with her wherever she goes.

Upgraded luggage will keep her looking good (and powered up with it's built-in battery) while jet-setting.

Inspired by Jackie Kennedy's famously stylish younger sister, this bag will bring polish to any outfit.

An elegant passport cover is sure to delight the woman on the go.

Give her the gift of a bracelet that will simply never go out of style.

A colorful wallet is both pretty and easy to find in her purse.

This prompt-filled book offers ample opportunity to show her your love.

Give her some extra glamour with dramatic yet classic oversized sunglasses. Very Jackie O.

These luxe bath salts will not only help her to relax in a hot tub, but their pretty packaging will also add a decorative touch to her bathroom.

You can't go wrong with a Diptyque candle, especially in its signature scent, Baies.

With a luxuriously draped cape, you can be sure she will look and feel fabulous, whether she is lounging at home or headed out for the day.

The anti-aging beauty tool she's had her eye on for a while.

A trinket dish is perfect for collecting odds and ends, especially when she takes off her favorite baubles at the end of the day.

These elegant hoops made with recycled gold offer a timeless sophistication that she's sure to wear for decades to come.

A classic pair of jeans that is cropped at the ankle is a wardrobe essential for every woman, no matter her age.

Many people think to give a bottle of wine, but artisanal olive oil lasts longer and falls under the category of "splurges she would never buy herself." This trio from cult-favorite Brightland comes from California olives.

Like a beach vacation you can wear on your finger, the sea blue topaz of this diamond-studded ring will bring a sense of effortless cool to all of her looks.

Copy the Duchess of Sussex's fresh and contemporary style with a pair of Veja sneakers, which she has been known to wear.

An investment watch that won't totally break the bank, but will always look chic.

For the gal who takes hairstyling seriously, this highly coveted multi-tool is designed to cut down drying time dramatically while also smoothing, adding volume, or curling depending on what head you use.

Help a lady up her cleansing game with the beauty gadget her nightly routine has been missing.

This sleek diffuser makes any space a sanctuary. Be sure to give her some calming essentials oils to go with it.

If she has complained about living in her sweats while working from home, help her out with this wrinkle-resistant, anti-microbial jumpsuit which is also ultra-flattering.

These quintessential flats deserve a spot in every stylish lady's closet.

Help her stay up to date on all the news, trends, information she craves with a monthly dose of T&C.

$29 per month for one piece

What's better than giving her a gorgeous piece of jewelry this season? Giving her a new one every month. Like Rent the Runway for jewelry, this membership allows your giftee to choose from luxe jewelry pieces from top designers like Chanel, David Yurman, and Yves Saint Laurent as well as up and coming jewelers to wear and return at will perfect for the woman who's always ahead of the jewelry curve.

4. Blueboard

Blueboard has a hand-curated menu of experiential rewards that make it easy for you to ditch the status quo—cash, gift cards, fruit baskets, etc.—and deliver an experience for your clients and customers that’s truly unforgettable.

Recipients can challenge their comfort zones, indulge their passions, or try something that’s always been on their bucket list. And experiential rewards form positive memories that your clients and customers will associate with you and your company, forever.

Your clients and customers also have the power to choose which Blueboard experience they want. It ensures they’re getting something that’s relevant to them right now and aligns with their whole self. Most importantly, it provides an opportunity for them to enjoy their experience with close loved ones.

Bonus: Blueboard offers experiences that cater to everyone’s comfort level in our “new normal” world, from in-home options you can enjoy in the comfort of your living room to out-in-the-world adventures.

Selected Client Experiences within Blueboard:

  • Golf getaway at home
    • What they’ll remember: Nailing the perfect drive, approach shot, or putt in the comfort of their own home (or yard).
    • Wow factor: Freedom. They can hit the links any time they want, with no crowds—between meetings, at midnight, or during prime tee times.
      • What they’ll remember: Getting one of the most interactive, high-energy, and fun workouts on their personal Peloton bike.
      • Wow factor: Strength. Each workout completed is another milestone on their road to achieving their fitness goals.
        • What they’ll remember: An entire evening of delectable dishes and culinary adventure in an intimate one-on-one setting.
        • Wow factor: Exclusivity. They’ve got the best table in the house and unprecedented access to the chef.
        • What they’ll remember: Getting the studio-quality photos they always wanted, whether it’s a solo shoot or with family, friends, or significant others.
        • Wow factor: Glamour. It’s not every day they get to dress up in their best and feel like a model. This time, they do.
        • Five star spa package
          • What they’ll remember: Feeling refreshed for weeks with an in-home or out-in-the-world spa visit, all thanks to you.
          • Wow factor: Rejuvenation. They’ll love taking that “me day” they’ve been craving for months.

          Impress your clients with personalized experiences like these! Visit Blueboard and learn how to get started.

          Selected Customer Experiences within Blueboard:

            • What they’ll remember: Creating an environment where the plants of their dreams can thrive.
            • Wow factor: Accomplishment. The only thing better than having the greenest thumb on the block is having the best greenhouse on the block—that they built themselves.
            • What they’ll remember: Spending time with their loved ones for a night of adventure and comfort, right outside the back door.
            • Wow factor: Fun. Sleeping under the stars, telling stories around the campfire, s’mores, and a swanky tent. Does it get any better?
            • What they’ll remember: Honing their cooking craft, in any style they want, to create unbelievable food, passionately.
            • Wow factor: Praise. Everyone will be fighting for a spot to dine at their house once they show off their new skills to the world.
            • What they’ll remember: Fully immersing themselves in an exciting, digital world with their very own VR system kit.
            • Wow factor: Thrill. They’ll be on the front-lines of the hottest video games—talk about leveling up.
              • What they’ll remember: Letting the worries of the day fade away as they float in a zero-gravity, sensory-depravation pod.
              • Wow factor: Zen. There are things that will quiet their mind and relax their soul more than a day at the beach.

              Give your customers the opportunity to try these experiences, and more! Visit Blueboard to get started.

              46 Gift Ideas for Every Type of Guy

              From cool gear for the audiophile to chic duds for the golf lover, there's something here for everyone.

              Men have a reputation as being hard to find gifts for, but that isn&rsquot necessarily the case. There is always an opportunity to indulge in his hobbies, whether it is travel, sports, cooking&mdashor just making a really good cup of coffee in the morning. Or perhaps you could splurge on a pair of sneakers that will make him smile and a classic jacket. When all else fails, go for the tried and true gifts: a great meal, his favorite cocktail, and a good book. All that and more, below.

              Fitness enthusiasts will love this smart mirror that streams fitness classes live and on-demand. Personal training sessions ($40) were recently added to the system's offerings, too.

              Up his sophisticated man clout with a skill-honing course in chess from the famous Garry Kasparov.

              Level up his relaxation game a Brooklinen bathrobe. Equal parts plush and absorbent, he'll find he feels incredibly luxurious even if he's just lounging around the house.

              15 Smart Ways to Organize Your Holiday Gift Wrapping Supplies

              You can't wrap presents without a portable ribbon station. You just can't.

              The stress of gift-giving should end as soon as you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Wrapping presents? Well, that should be the fun part. Before you bust out your ribbon and bows this holiday, check out these organizers that'll save space, time, and even a little stress. Then, take a look at these seriously impressive gift wrapping ideas for inspiration.

              Attach this clip-on wrapping paper holder and tape dispenser to your table (it's adjustable!) for the easiest gift wrapping yet. Rumor has it that this is what the elves use in the North Pole .

              Separate your holiday wrapping supplies from the generic stuff with this festive red organizer, which holds up to 24 rolls of wrapping paper. There's even enough room for all of your bags, ribbon, and tissue paper.

              Sort ribbon by color in a decorative box. The shallower the box, the easier it is to see your selection.

              Literally. This double-sided storage bag fits 12 rolls of wrapping paper on one side and bags, bows, and accessories on the other. Hang it in a closet so that you can reach both sides easily.

              Don't tie your brown paper packages with plain ol' string this year. Stash your ribbon assortment in this organizer for easy access. Plus, the shallow removable tray inside is perfect for holding scissors, pens, and gift tags.

              Terms & Conditions

              All items included in our catalogues and on the website are available at the time of publication. Orders will be filled in order of receipt. All items in this catalogue have been included in good faith,on the basis that the products described will be available at the time of sale. In the event that an item is sold out, Smart Gift Ideas will liaise with the nominated contact person to organise a suitable alternative gift if required.

              If a product is available in a variety of colours/fragrances, a mixture of colours/fragrances will be supplied in the order. We cannot meet specific colour, fragrance or design requests, but where possible will endeavour to do so. We will endeavour to supply an assortment in even quantities but this may not always be exactly accurate. Due to the printing process colours may vary slightly.

              When orders are delivered, they will be accompanied by a tax invoice. All orders are picked and packed with great care.

              Sale Items

              (Terms of sale for items at a reduced price)

              All sale items included on our website or as part of a specific promotion are non-returnable and exchange on sale items will not be accepted.

              All sale items show in catalogues and on the website are provided with a general description and claims relating to variations in colour, print, fragrance etc. will not be accepted. Bonus gifts do not apply to sale items.

              Any claim related to sale items must be lodged within 7 days of delivery, and decisions on claims are at the total discretion of Smart Gift Ideas.


              We are more than happy to deliver sample orders to you however you will be invoiced for the items as well as the freight charge. Although we have large stock quantities on hand unfortunately we cannot guarantee that stock will be available when you place your full order after receiving the samples. Similarly we advise against “taking orders” and then placing your order with us, in the unfortunate instance that we may become out of stock of that item.


              We ask you to please check all items upon receipt. Smart Gift Ideas will only resolve discrepancies reported within 7 days of receipt of goods. We do not refund for change of mind purchases but will gladly offer an exchange within the same promotional period. We cannot accept any returns by the dates supplied in our catalogues for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Fete and Christmas items.

              If a product is deemed faulty we will replace the item immediately. In the instance that we have become out of stock of that particular item an alternative item of equal or greater value will be supplied.

              For any item that has been custom printed we cannot accept any returns once you have confirmed art work. We will only accept returns if an item is deemed faulty.

              We do not accept any return of unsold products.However faulty items must be advised within 7 days of receipt of order and a replacement will be despatched immediately.

              Account Payments

              Our payment terms are 21 days from invoice date. Payment can be made by cheque, direct bank deposit, or credit card.

              We require all preschools and sporting groups to make a 50% deposit payment before the order is despatched from our warehouse.

              With any account if there is an overdue balance on your account a second order will not be despatched until the overdue balance is paid.


              Subject to stock levels, all goods will be despatched within 72 hours of receipt of order.

              All deliveries will be made to the address provided via Star Track.

              Freight is $10 to most locations Australia wide except for extreme remote areas. If $10 freight does not apply to your order we will contact you to advise.

              Privacy Policy

              Smart Gift Ideas ensures that your privacy is protected at all times by maintaining physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect. When we ask you to provide information by which you can be identified, that information will only be used in accordance with this privacy statement. Updates to our policy will be published on this page.

              What we collect

              To understand your needs and service your requirements we may collect the following information:

              Clever Ways to Pack Cookies as Gifts

              Cookie tins 2.0

              Craft stores such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby are packed with holiday-themed tins in all shapes and sizes. You don’t have to use them as-is, though: Up your gift-giving game by jazzing them up with colored food-safe tissue paper, ribbons, artificial pine boughs, gift tags and cookie cutters. 𠇍on’t be afraid to think outside the box (literally!),” says Mortensen. You can use also muffin liners to hold cookies inside the tin—they’re functional for keeping them in place and a cute touch, too.

              Unusual vessels

              Beyond the tin, you can also find all kinds of vessels such as baskets, pails or tiered trays that work perfectly for packaging holiday cookies. Just be sure to add layers of wax paper or food-safe tissue paper in between, if you’re stacking items, to keep your gift looking tidy and the cookies intact.

              Watch the video: VLOGMAS DAY 3 50+ Ιδέες για Δώρα. DIYs by Elena (May 2022).


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